Friday, January 7, 2011

Our April Wedding...........New Beginnings


 Here are some pictures of my wedding to my highschool sweetheart last April.  He was truly a gift from the Lord.  I am a living and walking testimony to the awsomeness of our amazing God!  After a heartbreaking few years He brought me to a place of deeper peace and reliance on Him.  I have such a greater depth of understanding and love for the Father. 

Here is our whole blended family.  The four red-heads are my daughters Jessica, Katharine, LeslieAnn, and Madelaine.  Bo's two children are Courtney and AJ.

I wanted a very colorful wedding as you can tell with the lime green, orange, coral, and pinks.  I just loved my two youngest daughters flower girl dresses.  I can't bear to part with either of them.

 That orange bow is simply divine! 


My bouquet turned out so pretty!  I purchased all the flowers and made the arrangements with my daughters the night before.  We wrapped them in wide white silk ribbon and added bling monograms on each bouquet.  Do you think they turned out pretty?

Here is the spot we chose to have our wedding.  In front of this beautiful waterfall!

  The waterfall is actually on our college campus where we attend church and my daughter attended school.

 I love this shot of this bouquet in front of the falls.  I had two friends kind enough to do the photography for me.  They did a lovely job!  We had many friends help out to make our wedding special.  We are so very blessed to belong to a wonderful church family!
 Here are LeslieAnn and Madelaine waiting to start the wedding.  They are such angels!

 I love this sweet shot of Madelaine and the flower petals scattered on the ground.  I later found out that she was her usual flamboyant self and kept everyone amused during the ceremony making mischief as she tends to do.

  You would never know to look at this precious picture that she was a little stinker during the ceremony!  Look at that lovely bow again!
  We had a sand ceremony to symbolize the blending and uniting of our families.  We had 9 different colors, our pastor used white to represent Christ as the unifying presence in our home and our family.

One of my favorite pictures in front of the falls.
 All of our children.  They are so precious and beautiful.  Not sure what Katharine was looking at!
One last smooch before heading to the reception! 
Our reception was held in a little garden on the college campus.  I had quilts scattered everwhere and the weather was perfect for sitting on the lawn sipping punch and eating the delicious foods my loving friends prepared.
 Those strawberries were so beautiful AND tasty!

 I just love all the colors of the fruit!
These are the best patries you could ever eat!  My sweet friend Michelle is a pastry chef and makes scrumptious Lady Locks, Eclairs, and Cream Puffs!  I like having her as a friend!  Yum Yum!
 The cake was so pretty with all the colorful roses!   Michelle made a simple tiered cake and she decorated it with ribbons and roses!

The cake stand was a gift from my daughter Jessica.  It is one of my favorite things and I always keep a cloche on it with something for the season.  I call it my table chandy!  HomeGoods of course!  Wish I had bought every one they had!
 These gerber daisies were our favors.  I added magnets to the backs and placed a little thank you note asking our guests to please pray for our marriage to honor and glorify the Lord.  Most people took one of each color and I love to go to some of my friends houses and see them still hanging on their fridge! 
I made these streamer wands to wave us off on our honeymoon.  Yes, we did manage a honeymoon with 6 kids.  Hope we can squeeze in a special 1 year anniversary trip without the kids too!  I think hubby has something special in the works!

Thank you for taking a little journey with me on a very special day in my life!  It has been a very momentous past year with our marriage, Jessica graduating college, Katharine graduating highschool, and Jessica getting married in August!!!  I hope this year will be a little less busy but just as full of love and blessings as the past year has been.  May you have a very blessed New Year and find pleasure in the wonder of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hutch Before and After

Here is the hutch my husband was given by his grandmother.  She passed away 36 years ago and it has been sitting in his other grandmothers house (Nanny) until she recently went on to be with the Lord this past December.   My husband,  Bo, brought the hutch home a few weeks ago and I have been itching to paint it white and put it in my step-daughters bedroom that is currently under renovation. 

It is made by Bassett in the 70's.
Those window panels are going to be so pretty painted white!  I love the cottage look and this definitely will give the room the shabby cottage feel I am hoping to achieve.
My husbands Nanny had requested that her favorite hymn, "Amazing Grace", be sung at her funeral.  He had to deliver the eulogy at the graveside and led everyone to sing "Amazing Grace" in her honor. 
When he took the hutch home I immediately started opening the cabinets and looking inside to see if there were any old "treasures or trinkets" long forgotten in the drawers or cabinets.  To my surprise there was a little wooden church and when I picked it up I noticed that it was actually a music box.  I wound it up and could not believe what I heard.  I hurriedly called my husband over to hear as the tune of "Amazing Grace" was coming from the little church.  With tears in his eyes he simply said that is Nanny's way of saying from heaven, "Thank you Bo."

Isn't it wonderful how the Lord brings simple things into our lives like this little church to give us visual reminders of His love for us.

Well here is the hutch in its updated transformation from the 70's!

I changed out the drawer and cabinet hardware for glass knobs.  All the hinges were in good shape so I just sprayed them with chrome spray paint.
Don't you love how the window panels turned out!  Very cottagey!
I am in the process of finishing the bedroom.  I hung the chandelier, which was hanging in my  garden shed, until I relenquished it to my husband who needed a place for all his tools. Another story on another day!
I am in search of a headboard.  So far I have not found the perfect one.  I really would like a pencil post or an iron bed. 

My husband is bringing home a vanity, that was also his grandmothers, tomorrow!  I am so excited!  I have never seen it, but hope it will be pretty painted WHITE!  It will go beside the bed on the right.  
Everything in the picture came out of my garden shed.  I sprayed the metal bedside table white, it was green. 
I need something to go on the walls too.  When I have all the furniture in place hopefully I will get more of a feel for what the walls will need. 
Hopefully I will be showing the room finished in a few days!  Thanks for visiting my page and please feel free to leave your comments!  I would love to hear from you!
Blessings to you all!  

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