Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Welcome to my home!  I hope you enjoy a tour of some of my Wintery Wonderland vignettes!
There is something magical about glistening snow and icicles!  God gives us awesome and glorious splendor to behold!
My favorite piece of all my trinkets is my gorgeous cake pedestal given to me on my last birthday!  I found it on a shopping trip at Home Goods with my daughter.  She knew I was in love with it and snatched it up for my birthday.  It rarely moves from the center of my dining table.  Here I have it displayed with a glittered snow house and ice garland with snowflakes.  I found this garden cloche that fits on my pedestal perfectly!

Love, Love, Love this pedestal and all the details!
Here is my dining room chandy.  It was an ugly builder brass chandelier, so of course I took it down, sprayed it white, and gave it prisms and crystal bead garland!  Such an improvement!  For my winter theme, I added these beautiful glass ornaments that remind me of icicles and some of my snowflakes.
I love how the chandy arrangement hangs down to the cloche! I will be sad to take it all down in a few weeks.
These yarn "snowballs" are something I just recently made.  I used styrofoam ball ornaments from the Dollar Tree and wrapped them up with soft, fuzzy baby blanket yarn to create these fun snowballs! I placed them in this pedestal bowl and tucked in a few snowflakes.  These were so easy, quick, and fun to make!
Here is my mantel decorated for winter.  I just love this burlap banner that I made.  When the candles are lit the glitter glistens and sparkles

The burlap is an off-white.  I prefer the lighter shade of burlap to the tan.  My winter garland hangs above the banner and of course I tucked in a few snowflakes!
My sofa table with my Hobby Lobby candleholders and a couple of my little birdies!

Also on the sofa table sits my favorite iron rooster decked in a winter garland and my yard sale find terrarium with a few snowy winter trees tucked inside.

This iron pedestal is one of my favorite pieces.  Sitting on top is a candle holder from Party Lite decked out with a winter garland.  I just realized that the little fuzzy looking ball in the bottom left of the picture is our Maltese, Summer!  Funny how she sneaks into the pictures sometimes!

On my fireplace sits another iron pedestal with some winter trees under a cloche and wreathed with an ice garland and some snowflakes.

On my front door I hung a winter swag with snowflakes and my Snow sign.  We don't get much snow here in Georgia so I love to surround myself with a wintery wonderland!

Hope you enjoyed a tour of my Winter Wonderland decor. Please come again and visit soon!
Blessings to you all!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to the Funny Farm

Welcome to The Funny Farm!  We are just getting started on our little menagerie of sweet babies!  My darling husband made this beautiful coop for me!  We still have to build a run onto the coop so when we are not going to be home at night we don't have to worry about shutting the coop.  For now, our gals just roam the yard and sometimes the neighborhood!  We have cars stop in the middle of the road to laugh at our silly girls!  Glad we live on a quiet dead end road! When I saw this sign at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA this fall, I knew right where it would go, hence The Funny Farm was born.
It was a very cold day when I snapped these pictures!  Our Silver Lace Wyandottes, Black Australorp, and our sweet Pekin ducks were cozy under the heat lamp!
This is actually one of our neighbors roosters exploring the snow.  Isn't he handsome!
Isn't she just the cutest!  This White Rock lays really large eggs!
Here is Chicken Joe as the kids call him.  He is our neighbors rooster too! (they have a lot of roosters)! Dear hubby says we are going to be eating rooster for dinner soon!  Some days it can get pretty crazy with all those roosters crowing!

The brown egg belongs to our Silver Lace and the white egg on the right belongs to the big White Rock.  The egg in the middle is the biggest egg we have ever had from one of our sweet Pekins!  That egg made a whole omelette!

Thanks for stopping by The Funny Farm!  Hope that you enjoyed my awesome coop and sweet chicks!
Please come visit again soon as I post more on our menagerie! 

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Fabulous Find

Some days I can walk into a thrift store and find absolutely nothing.  But.....a few weeks ago I stopped into the Habitat and saw several large light fixtures laying around and tucked into the corner was a gorgeous antique chandelier!  It had tarnished gold metal and beautiful original glass prisms, all 60 were there intact!!! 

I was hesitant to ask the price since it was not marked.  When the clerk told me it was $15 I quelled my excitement and rushed back to the chandy and scooped it up.  I knew I had something special! 

Once I got it home I decided I needed to spraypaint it white, so after cleaning it and taking all the prisms off I hung it outside and sprayed it.  I was so excited to spray it that I forgot to take a before picture!  So sorry!  After placing all the prisms back on the chandy it looks so amazing!  What do you think!  I begged my dear hubby to hang it in the livingroom for me.  I just love it and can't believe how much I paid for it!  I was in a local antique store the other day and saw a similiar chandy without the two upper tiers that I have on mine and it was almost $200!

I love having something old in my home and wondering about the stories it could tell of its previous owners.... How many dinners were eaten under its illumination, what kind of family chats took place under these gorgeous prisms, and did the owner enjoy its beauty as much as I do....

I absolutely love my new/old Chandelier and so happy that I waited patiently for years for the right chandy at the right price!  Take heart all of my fellow bargain hunters and thrift store junkies, you just never know what treasure awaits you on your next search!  That is definitely the thrill of the hunt!

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