Monday, January 3, 2011

Hutch Before and After

Here is the hutch my husband was given by his grandmother.  She passed away 36 years ago and it has been sitting in his other grandmothers house (Nanny) until she recently went on to be with the Lord this past December.   My husband,  Bo, brought the hutch home a few weeks ago and I have been itching to paint it white and put it in my step-daughters bedroom that is currently under renovation. 

It is made by Bassett in the 70's.
Those window panels are going to be so pretty painted white!  I love the cottage look and this definitely will give the room the shabby cottage feel I am hoping to achieve.
My husbands Nanny had requested that her favorite hymn, "Amazing Grace", be sung at her funeral.  He had to deliver the eulogy at the graveside and led everyone to sing "Amazing Grace" in her honor. 
When he took the hutch home I immediately started opening the cabinets and looking inside to see if there were any old "treasures or trinkets" long forgotten in the drawers or cabinets.  To my surprise there was a little wooden church and when I picked it up I noticed that it was actually a music box.  I wound it up and could not believe what I heard.  I hurriedly called my husband over to hear as the tune of "Amazing Grace" was coming from the little church.  With tears in his eyes he simply said that is Nanny's way of saying from heaven, "Thank you Bo."

Isn't it wonderful how the Lord brings simple things into our lives like this little church to give us visual reminders of His love for us.

Well here is the hutch in its updated transformation from the 70's!

I changed out the drawer and cabinet hardware for glass knobs.  All the hinges were in good shape so I just sprayed them with chrome spray paint.
Don't you love how the window panels turned out!  Very cottagey!
I am in the process of finishing the bedroom.  I hung the chandelier, which was hanging in my  garden shed, until I relenquished it to my husband who needed a place for all his tools. Another story on another day!
I am in search of a headboard.  So far I have not found the perfect one.  I really would like a pencil post or an iron bed. 

My husband is bringing home a vanity, that was also his grandmothers, tomorrow!  I am so excited!  I have never seen it, but hope it will be pretty painted WHITE!  It will go beside the bed on the right.  
Everything in the picture came out of my garden shed.  I sprayed the metal bedside table white, it was green. 
I need something to go on the walls too.  When I have all the furniture in place hopefully I will get more of a feel for what the walls will need. 
Hopefully I will be showing the room finished in a few days!  Thanks for visiting my page and please feel free to leave your comments!  I would love to hear from you!
Blessings to you all!  


Deb said...

Your hutch looks amazing...I just love it! ~Deb~

Anonymous said...

Wow. that hutch is just so gorgeous. I also love what you have done with the little table and the pretty bed. What a lovely shade of blue on the walls too...So sweet!

mariondee-designs said...

I love how your hutch turned out.. very pretty! What a great idea to put in a bedroom instead of where you would expect to see it. Well done! take care, Maryann

...............Michele @ Portlandia Vintage said...

What a sweet story -love it! The hutch is FANTASTIC!

lisa said...

What a beautiful hutch! A lovely old metal garden gate would make a great headboard if you are going for a cottage garden theme! Good luck with your decorating.

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