Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to the Funny Farm

Welcome to The Funny Farm!  We are just getting started on our little menagerie of sweet babies!  My darling husband made this beautiful coop for me!  We still have to build a run onto the coop so when we are not going to be home at night we don't have to worry about shutting the coop.  For now, our gals just roam the yard and sometimes the neighborhood!  We have cars stop in the middle of the road to laugh at our silly girls!  Glad we live on a quiet dead end road! When I saw this sign at the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA this fall, I knew right where it would go, hence The Funny Farm was born.
It was a very cold day when I snapped these pictures!  Our Silver Lace Wyandottes, Black Australorp, and our sweet Pekin ducks were cozy under the heat lamp!
This is actually one of our neighbors roosters exploring the snow.  Isn't he handsome!
Isn't she just the cutest!  This White Rock lays really large eggs!
Here is Chicken Joe as the kids call him.  He is our neighbors rooster too! (they have a lot of roosters)! Dear hubby says we are going to be eating rooster for dinner soon!  Some days it can get pretty crazy with all those roosters crowing!

The brown egg belongs to our Silver Lace and the white egg on the right belongs to the big White Rock.  The egg in the middle is the biggest egg we have ever had from one of our sweet Pekins!  That egg made a whole omelette!

Thanks for stopping by The Funny Farm!  Hope that you enjoyed my awesome coop and sweet chicks!
Please come visit again soon as I post more on our menagerie! 

Thank you to Amy and Richie over at Verde Farm  for hosting Farm Friend Friday


Erin said...

I love the pictures of your chickens and their amazing, heated coop! I have five hens and it's surprised me how much I enjoy having them. (I can see myself turning into a crazy chicken lady!) Not only do they produce delicious eggs, but they provide quite a bit of entertainment, too!

Verde Farm said...

i absolutely LOVE The Funny Farm!! What a cute coop and the sign is perfect. Your chickens and pekin are so pretty. Great eggs too. Thanks so much for joining FF Friday--perfect post :)
Hugs, Amy

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hi there, i just found you thru farm friend friday. i just followed you and look forward in your posts. your chicken house is so cute! they look very warm and cozy in there.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little coop! That is quite the roosts in there. I just love duck eggs for baking!

jAne said...

love the chickens!
i buy my eggs from a dear friend who has 45 pet chickens. one of her birds lays espresso colored eggs! she never fails to include one in my weekly dozen. :o)

your blog is lovely! thanks so much for finding me and commenting about my little trailer. :o)


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